Customer Service

Keeping our communities professionally managed is the primary goal at CMG. Effective internal communication and information tracking help to ensure our dedicated departments are able to provide owners with the necessary information and service they require in a timely fashion.  This includes common expense account information to updates on maintenance and repairs.  Our various resources are used not only to promote prompt and cost-effective service from suppliers, but also to ensure compliance with the Corporation’s obligations to its owners and provincial regulations.

Our convenient, central location and business hours enhance the opportunity for owners to drop by our offices.  CMG 24-hour, on-call service covers owners in case of emergencies any time of the day or night. With our dependable remote technology, Property Managers can access our network while out of the office promoting prompt communication and quick resolve of time-sensitive matters of the Corporation.

Transparency is paramount and detailed management reports are prepared in advance of every Board meeting. Reports can be tailored to the Corporation’s needs and Board preferences, but always include items such as:  the monthly financial statements, annual schedule, maintenance and communications summaries and of course a running “to-do” list.

A committed Customer Service Department follows up regularly with Boards, most notably following a change in Property Manager (whether you are new to CMG or recently had a change in individual Property Manager); we regularly seek your feedback to ensure a smooth transition and proper fit for your community.

Our approach to property management is more than collecting fees and calling in contractors. We look forward to discussing the dynamic services we can provide to a Condominium or Association such as yours.