Status Certificate Request

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Current Status Certificate will indicating, together with the requirements set out in the Condominium Act, the following;

  1. The extent of the arrears, if any, of common expenses for the above unit;
  2. The amount of the monthly common expenses for the above unit;
  3. The date to which the common expenses have been paid;
  4. Whether there is an anticipated increase in the amount of the common expenses or whether there is an anticipated that a special assessment will be levied;
  5. The amount of the reserve fund;
  6. Whether the condominium corporation is in good financial standing; and
  7. Whether the condominium corporation is, or likely to be, a party to any litigation.

Also included is Certificate of Insurance, as well as the Declaration and By-Laws

Note: As per Section 76 (3) of the Ontario Condominium Act, The Corporation shall provide status certificate within 10days after receiving a request and payment of the fee.

Please advise if status certificate is required to be rushed. Additional fees will be applied.