Market Knowledge

A Condominium Corporation is more than just a grouping of individually-owned units regulated by Rules, Regulations and By-Laws. A Condominium Corporation is a community of owners and residents sharing in the experience of condominium living, collectively contributing towards the expenses of the common property while putting their confidence and trust in an elected committee of co-owners under the guidance and caring expertise of a professional and knowledgeable management company.

As one of Ottawa’s largest Condominium management firms, CMG is home to over 50 professional Property Managers, with an accumulated 400 years of knowledge, experience and expertise.

From the newer developments recently registered to older maturing communities, our portfolio consists of a wide variety of properties and clients who benefit from our reliable, professional services. Within our portfolio of over 350 properties, you will find:

  • Residential Condominium Corporations
  • Commercial Condominium Corporations
  • Mixed (Residential + Commercial) Condominium Corporations
  • Associations
  • Co-Tenancies
  • Joint Use Agreement Properties
  • Shared Facilities

With specialized features and complexities, distinctions and building intricacies, each are uniquely interesting and deserving of the high level of care and attention CMG provides.

It is through continuous professional development, education, and mentorship that our managers acquire the vast knowledge of this ever-growing industry. Communication within our network of managers and industry professionals allows our clients to benefit from a wide array of qualified and reliable contractors and specialized resources. The CMG team cares for the community.  We assist in properly maintaining the assets of the Corporations and properties we serve by guiding boards, committees, and owners in making sound financial and maintenance decisions while ensuring the quality and standard of living owners and residents have come to expect.