What are the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors?

Your Board of Directors meets regularly to conduct condominium business. Meetings typically occur once a month, though they can happen more or less frequently.  The Board of Directors must ensure the Corporation is run in compliance with the Condominium Act.  As part of their responsibilities, Directors must:

  • track your condominium’s financial performance
  • ensure all required maintenance and repairs are carried out
  • hire specialists, like engineers, to update the reserve fund study every three years
  • propose changes to condominium by-laws (for these proposed changes to take effect, a majority of unit owners must vote in favour of the changes)
  • enact rules to promote the safety, security, and welfare of all owners
  • provide regular communication with the other owners

The Board cannot conduct any business except at a meeting of Directors.  Further, there must be a quorum at the meeting.  A quorum for a Directors meeting is a majority of the number of Directors.  Director meetings don’t have to be face-to-face meetings, a director’s meeting can be held by teleconference.

Reference: Condominium Authority of Ontario

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