Frequently Asked Questions

Condominium Management Group and managers’ role

Each property we manage has its own needs and faces its own unique challenges depending on the size, age and nature of the property. A condo manager’s range of responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

  • collecting common expense fees
  • keeping records for the condo corporation
  • responding to owner complaints
  • ensuring maintenance and repair of the property
  • hiring and monitoring service companies, and overseeing staff and contractors
  • preparing draft annual budgets and overseeing the reserve fund
  • implementing an emergency management plan and responding to emergencies
  • preparing status certificates
  • issuing meeting notices and reporting on the affairs of the corporation
  • organizing board meetings and overseeing administration of all owners’ meetings
  • monitoring the corporation’s insurance
  • preparing financial reports and arranging for audits
  • advising the condo board on how to comply with the Condominium Act, 1998, and with legislated or government-mandatory repairs
  • advising the board on its financial responsibilities (e.g. contributions to the reserve fund, long-term reserve fund planning)

Our Property Managers are given the opportunity to take on new clients whenever available. They have the flexibility to keep their portfolio small and simple or grow their portfolio to provide the level of challenge and compensation they seek.  It is the Manager’s responsibility to review his/her entire portfolio and adjust as required to ensure that he/she allocates the time and care needed to provide exceptional management services to all of their clients.

We recognize that each community is unique in their requirements and challenges; whether it be a condominium, co-op, association or common element property. As such, we have invested much time in developing a total management package which provides the Board of Directors and owners the assured confidence that the day to day activities of their community are being managed in a professional manner. Condominium Management Group focuses on providing owners with timely communication, easy to understand financial statements as well as operating analysis and management. CMG also provides 24-hour support, so whether we are on or off site our team is readily available to provide assistance.

Yes, Condominium Management Group is registered with the CMRAO. Licence number 0016558460-CMP

Condominium Management Group has been in operation for over 25 years, starting in 1993.